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Jeff is with Werner Van Raay USMC Veteran

As an inquisitive gun enthusiast, I have concluded. I am extremely tired of drudging the web, searching every different ammunition manufacturer's site for the information I wanted to know. It has become a daunting task to compare the different ballistics with 10 windows open side by side. Can't we cut the crap and just get the facts? How much punch does it pack, and how fast will it get there? Why can't I compare all the manufacturers on one chart, without having to navigate across the whole internet? Stupid right? I kept thinking, "Someone ought 'a do something about this." Long story short, no one did. So I took it upon myself and put everything on one chart and sorted it by caliber.

Why not the same with gun reviews? While an ISSF champion makes a great spokesperson for Beretta, how does his/her review apply to me? Sure I may know a bit, but I am not a professional. How do real world shooters and family folk such as myself like it? I have found that "real people" reviews are much more valuable to me. Allthough our staff are very talented and completely qualified for their positions, our shooting team consists of real world, everyday people. Wives, friends, staff and even qualified marksmen. We feel every opinion is valid as everyone's needs are different. If I was looking for a .22LR for my son or daughter, a kids review would be Golden. We write our reviews because we want to. They are valuable us. We think you will appreciate them to, so we choose to share them.

Proper Education and Firearm Safety is our main goal. All firearms large or small are deadly, and one should always treat every firearm as if it where loaded. With common sense, proper safety equipment, education and guidance, shooting can be a sport that everyone can safely enjoy.

I am quite certain that there is a manufacturer or data we left out. We can't supply ballistics for every caliber ever invented, but we do our best to keep up to date on the most common. If you have any ideas for the site, please contact us, we are all ears.

This site is completely free to use and the data came straight from the horses' mouth. However, if you would like to make a donation, you may do so below. All donations are used to help maintain this site so that you, and other people like you, can continue to learn and enjoy, free of charge.

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