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danner bull run moc toe boots review


Danner Bull Run BootsApproximately 3 years ago just before Christmas, our team received a few gifts. Danner Boots sent us each a pair of their Bull Run Moc Toe boots. I mean Lets face it. Shooting and hunting is an expensive hobby. In order to finance our hobby, we MUST work. So we are taking this opportunity to review the boots Dannner so kindly sent us. They come in a few colors styles. I opted for the Dark Brown, but Black and Tan are also an option. Instantly like the boot before I even put it on. Why? Because of the American flag sewn at the top of the boot. These boots are made here in the good ol' US of A.

 Like any work boot these took about a week to break in. I used some baseball glove oil on mine and that helped the break in considerably. After the break in wearing them all day for work and even after I got home was not a problem at all. They are pretty comfy. One thing that confused me was the tongue on the boot. It is not a not a normal pull it out of the way and slide your feet in. It is attached to the side of the boot. I have owned Timberland Pro work boots and also Magnum, and the tongue was normal, so this was weird,... until it happened. We we lifting some heavy product onto a trailer. I was walking backward so we could load it from the side. Well my lace came untied, and the boot stayed put. Right on my foot with lace untied. Any other boot would have fallen off immediately and I would have carried the load with one boot on and one boot off. This is why the the tongue is attached at the sides. It really is a brilliant solution. We cant just set down a heavy piece of equipment and say "Wait Joe, I need to tie my boot". I now liked the boot even more.

Danner Bull Run BootsSo in the 3 years I spent in these boots, Usually 9 hours a day 5x a week, I have beat the living shit out of them. Or at least attempted to. They won't die. I weld in them, Dig holes in them, walk thru mud and water, ride my Harley in them, Climb thru attics, Climb ladders, you know all the basic crap we do when work call. They are resilient. Even after 3 years the soles are still good, and I do not slip when walking thru water, oil etc. For us electricians, it should also be noted that these boots are EH Rated for 600 Volts.

While I would gladly pay for another pair of these boots, I do have a complaint. Danner I hope you are listening. The insoles that come with the boot are trash. When a customer pays $240 for a pair of boots, give them the good insoles. Do not make us shell out another $40 bucks for insoles that should have came with the boot. My previously worn boots were Timberland and Thoroghgood. Out of the box the insole was much more comfy and I didn't have to pay extra for that. I ended up taking the insoles out of my Tims and and putting them in the Danner boots. World of difference. This wasn't just my complaint, the other 2 guys on our team said the exact same thing and also replaced the insole.

Some people have a hard time swallowing the cost of USA made quality boots, but let me give you an example of why it is worth it. My Timberland boots cost me 155 plus tax. They were comfy and worked, but lasted about a year and I needed new boots. The leather is thinner and the soles were spent and beginning to slip. So had I stuck with the Tims, I would already be on my third pair. Well, $155 x 3 = $465. I am 4 months into my third year on the Danner boots, and I am sure they will make it thru this year as well. So for an extra $90 bucks +/-, I have boots that have already lasted 3.5x longer. They are still comfortable, they do not slip and look new again with a bit of leather oil. I am definitely a fan of Danner Boots. Many first responders, Fireman, Police Departments, Electricians, construction worker and the like trust these boots, and I do to. Below are pictures of my 3.5 year old boots.

Danner Bull Run Boots Danner Bull Run Boots Danner Bull Run Boots







- The boots are very well made and worth the price.
- Boots are made in USA.
- EH Rated for 600 Volts.
- 3 Color selections. (Dark Brown, Tan, Black)
- Non-Scuffing soles.
- Boots stay on your feet when laces come untied.
- Non Slip Sole.
- High Quality Full-Grain Leather.
- Regular and Wide options.
- Extremely durable.
- Boots for Men and Women.

- The insole is sub-par. You will want a new one.

Without a doubt, Danner Boots are excellent quality materials with good ol' American workmanship, far superior to most boots on the market. It is money well spent.

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Article by - Jeff


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