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magnum mach 1 boots review


For years I have been an unpaid advocate for Red Wing Boots. They are a well made boot and last and last. The area mine are lacking in is the "comfort" department. They were never uncomfortable per se, but I certainly wouldn't wear them to Disneyland. This was always a compromise for me. After all they weren't running shoes, they were boots and I had accepted them for that.

Lehigh defense ammo boxesI was contacted by a representative from Magnum Boots via email. Dayna informed me that they had a new line of tactical boots in development and were looking for input. My boots worked just fine, so I assured her that I was a Red Wing Boots person but would gladly stop by her booth at Shot Show and offer my expertise. (or lack thereof)

When we finally found the Magnum Boots booth at Shot Show, I was astonished by the amount of people removing their shoes and prancing around in Magnum Boots. They didn't just walk around in them, people were seriously jumping around like a bunch of children. This was not my concern, for I had left my children at home, so I proceeded to the counter and asked for Dayna. The attractive woman behind the counter pointed to the corner of the booth where a film crew currently occupied Dayna's expertise. With time to kill, we decided to be productive and have a look at the Magnum line.

Pulling a boot off the shelf, I quickly noticed how very light it was. I tossed it over to one of our staff members for further inspection. Indeed, the lack of weight was pretty strange. Without further ado we began grabbing, pulling and bending every boot we could get our hands on. These boots weighed nothing! The soles were hard on the outside yet plush and soft on the inside. They were waterproof and oil resistant yet breathable. There wasn't just one pair like this, it seemed they were all like this. They had option after option and colors that included Desert Tan. They had 8" high top to 6" mid top to low top. Men's, women's, law enforcement, tactical, medical and even professional. And they all weighed nothing! My Red Wing Boots (which I was not wearing due to lack of comfort) weigh about 2 pounds each. Questions immediately flooded my brain into overload. How can they possibly make a quality boot without heft? Are these boots missing something? Would this boot possibly stand up to the elements? Who is this company again? More importantly, when will Joe Hollywood with the camera leave Dayna alone? I must have my boots!

After what seemed like 2 hours... but was probably five minutes, Dayna was finished. Her charming smile greeted us as she delivered both good news and bad. The bad news was that my size Mach 1 had not came off the production line yet. Before my excitement could fade, she enlightened me with the good. She would send me a pair in two weeks so that I did not have to carry them around ShotShow. Satisfied, I asked her to educate me on the boot I would soon befriend.

The Magnum Mach 1 line was designed with the more spirited youth in mind. They have an athletic fit and are made from rip-stop nylon and leather. They have a high-traction Carbon Rubber out-sole, modular ultra-light easy flex EVA mid-sole and what Magnum calls M.P.A.C.T foot-bed. What is a M.P.A.C.T foot-bed? It is a shock absorbing insole that fully supports your foot and encourages airflow. These boots weigh about 20 oz. and are available in a 8 inch high or 6 inch mid top. To make life easy, they are also available with a side zip-out feature. This allows you to quickly jump in or out of the boots without fumbling around with the laces. As a lover of convenience, I of course opted for the zip-out version.

Walking on Sunshine
Two long weeks after our return from Shot Show, my boots arrived in the mail, and just in time for our shooting trip. With all the excitment of an 8 year old boy opening his first BB-Gun, I signed on the dotted line, discarded the box and literature and slid them on immediately.

This is what all the fuss at ShotShow was about. These boots feel pretty amazing. It wasn't my intention to inform the whole staff that I had received new boots, but it was pretty obvious when I began to prance around the office in them. I couldn't help it. The sole felt so good, it was an uncontrollable reaction. I had to share, so I asked a few others to take a ride. Same result, more jumping, more running, more ballet kicks. This is when it dawned on me. We looked just like the idiots hopping around at ShotShow. I take it back now, please strike my prior comment from the record.

Lehigh defense ammo boxesI spent my first weekend with my new ballet boots in the desert. Like every shooting trip... it begins with bacon. Is there any other way? We think not. Click picture to the left. I know it is difficult, but try to ignore all that bacon... the boots are on my feet.

When the pig was gone, we moved to the range to proceeded with our usual business. Shoot, walk. Record, walk. Check targets, measure velocity, walk walk walk. Whether hiking, standing, shooting or running, the boots remained sure-footed. They really do wear like a running shoe, but without the slip and fall. They offer ankle support, cushion for my back and a tight hold to the terra firma. My feet were never cold, nor did they sweat. As the day wound down, I did not feel exhausted, nor was I dying to take my boots off. I was comfortable and I was content. Today, I was walking on sunshine. I could sleep in these boots. Actually, after a midnight story, five smores and two tall ones, I did.

The Day to Day
I have a back issue. I have since high school. At a dead stop, making a left turn, I was rear-ended by someone running a red light. Since then good shoes have been crucial to my mood. This is why I normally wear ugly, yet comfortable, running shoes. They are kind to my back. Because these boots were so comfy and fit like an athletic shoe, I was determined to CrossFit in them. I prepared for the strange looks and laughs from my fellow fitters when I showed up in shorts and boots, but was willing to suffer the ridicule for my cause. The workout was as follows.

800M Run
20 Box Jumps 24"
20 Pull-Ups
150 Rope Jumps
20 Push Ups
- 3 sets for time.

Yes, I did finish the workout. Just behind the 4 girls who always beat me. (hey man, they are younger than me) Because the out-sole is like glue to the ground, I actually preferred the boots for running and box jumps. The prior nights rain insured our run would be a wet one, but that issue was irrelevant to me. I had previously used these boots on my slippery patio so I felt plenty confident in my stride. The built in shock absorbers were the icing on the cake.

To put these boots to the true test, I opted-ed to use them for my weekend routine. Mow the lawn, weed the garden, wash the cars and hose off the patio. Nothing tests traction like water on painted concrete. No slip, no fall. The soles on these boots are amazing. While they are not fully waterproof, they sure seemed like it. The only time any water got inside the boot was when I dropped the hose and the nozzle fire-hosed me. After 6 hours of wife-induced labor, my feet and back remained happy.

shotgun shellsThe Secret is Out
My dad (who keeps our books) just happens to wear the same size as me. He also rides with the Victory Motorcycles group. On a whim a few of his buddies show up and announce a quick ride Northward. He had left his riding boots at home, so being the stand up son I am, I offered to loan him mine. I revealed the quick zip-in trick and he was off. I thought it was a sane gesture at the time, but later realized it was a terrible idea. More than likely, I would need to fight to get my boots back. I was correct.

For several days I nagged my Dear ol' Dad about my boots. Several days turned into several weeks. I contemplated giving the boots up for about a minute until I had a better idea. I told him if he remembered to bring my boots tomorrow, the company would buy him a pair. My boots magically appeared in my office Thursday morning. At 10am I received an email with a link to the boots dear ol' Dad had already picked out. Magnum Stealth Force Zip Side boots. I kept my word and purchased the boots. A small price to pay to have my Mach 1 Boots safely returned.

Lehigh defense ammo boxesSince the recovery of my stolen boots, they have seen quite a bit of wear. There have been many targets downed, many lawns mowed and many miles walked. My boots remain resilient. They have quickly became my everything shoe. I can get in and out of them in a hurry and they are a blessing to my feet and back. Simply hit the recliner, unzip them and toss them on the floor.

More than once I have attempted to wear my filthy boots out to dinner. My wife claims my range boots are to dirty and must be left outside. Cleaning boots sucks, so I came up with a better solution. I purchased an "office" pair and solved this dilemma. The Magnum Excursion Low in Black. I can't say my wife is happy about it, but I sure am. Like the Mach 1, these shoes could easy conquer 18 hours at Disneyland.

My favorite thing about my industry is finding products that I simply love. I love meeting the great minds and people behind the scenes that make the product successful. Yet even more, I enjoy enlightening others with my experiences. If I had to sum my experience with Magnum Boots in one paragraph it would read like this.

If Magnum made cars, their name might have been Bentley. If they made firearms, their name could have been Wilson Combat. However they do not make cars or firearms, they make boots. Their name is Magnum and I am pleased to know them.

Article by - Jeff


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