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mechanix original covert gloves


mechanix original covert glovesI am always looking for a good pair of gloves for shooting, working around the house, or riding the dirt-bike. I have tried several pairs and always end up ditching them. The dirt-bike. gloves have to much protection and don't work for shooting. Shooting gloves I have used were to warm, or a slippery neoprene material. Browning makes a pair I do like, but I am not gonna pay 100 bucks for a set of gloves that I may ditch again. I just haven't found a pair I adore yet.

We ran into the Mechanix rep this year at ShotShow and spent some time in the booth. I was actually quite surprised at the variety of gloves they actually make. I have seen Mechanix gloves before at my local auto store, but assumed they only made gloves for automotive. I was wrong and I am glad I was. Mechanix has a safety line, tactical line, racing line, cold weather line, hunting line , womens line and yes... automotive. Meet the Mechanix Covert Gloves. At 25 bucks they are certainly worth a look.

Tried, tested and proven for over 20 years, the Original Covert provides the perfect blend of flexibility and protection. Durable synthetic leather, stretch spandex finger gussets and a new flexible TPR wrist closure allow for a comfortable and snug fit. With its gamut of practical and functional features, it’s no surprise that the Covert is the most recognized and most frequently worn glove for anyone with a toolbox or ammo can. Strange I have never thought to try them before. I guess the name threw me off. Don't judge a book by its' cover.

I fell in love with my pair almost immediately after I put them on. While they do have padding on the palm, it is still thin enough to be usable when shooting. They are not overly baggy nor to long. They use a breathable spandex material along side the synthetic leather that not only protects, it allows freedom to move.

shooting with mechanix covertWe recently spent 3 days in to the desert doing firearm, optic and ammo reviews. I must say these gloves were a great accessory. They work perfectly for shooting, chopping firewood, or just keeping my hands warm at night. Even though warm, my hands do not sweat in these gloves because they are breathable. This also allows me to get my Facebook fix as I can use my iPhone with them on. Pretty nifty. I think the only time I actually removed them was when I was loading magazines or sleeping. While they do offer great protection to my thumbs, it is just difficult to load magazines with gloves on. We can't fault the glove, it's just the nature of the beast.

Three days of dirt, firewood and gun powder. A bit of bar-b-q sauce and a splash of beer. This is the short recipe for stinky gloves. I rounded them all up and pitched them in the washer. I am not sure if this is a "recommended" cleaning procedure, but our rep. said they are washer friendly so long as we allow them to air dry. (The extensive heat can shrink the spandex, however if yours are to large, this might be an easy solution). So far I have done it three times with no ill effects. This keeps me happy because there is not a chance in hell that I would hand wash them. I'll save my elbow grease for cleaning firearms post review.

So will I run out and purchase these gloves when mine wear out? Yep, I already have. We were originally shipped 2 pair of large gloves. I thought I was a large, however I prefer to start with my gloves tight and stretch them to fit. This is easily accomplished by soaking them in hot water for 5 minutes and them wearing them. The Mechanix rep. told me to send them back and he would exchange them. Not a chance, I gave them to another staff member and purchased two more pairs. Another pair of Covert for me, and the Original Women's Glove for my wife. While they may not be her favorite fashion accessory, she sure loves them when she is shooting. We all do. We decided to purchase a few more pairs for the rest of the staff. A great glove is as essential as ear and eye protection in my book.

The Covert gloves are available in all sizes up to XX-Large. There are three colors to choose from. Black, Coyote, and Camo. Click here to view the full line of tactical Mechanix gloves. You can also find them for sale on Amazon.

Article by - Jeff
Review Team - Jeff, Tim, Darren, Jessica



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